Physics notes

I wrote many physics notes over the years. These notes do not contain new discoveries, nor do I believe that I am any better at explaining things than professional physics educators. These are merely my personal study notes. That said, some may find them useful. These notes are not formal; although I try to make sure that the mathematics contained therein is correct, by no means do I attempt to prove every theorem, and yes, I admit I sometimes make leaps that would be unacceptable in more formal texts. The real purpose of these notes, then, is to provide an outline, a roadmap of sorts to help one truly understand what's happening, on the phenomenological level. Some of these notes, in fact, began their existence as comments in my somewhat eclectic Day Book.

On a technical note, many of these articles use the jsMath or mathJax libraries for equation formatting. These are JavaScript libraries that convert LaTeX mathematical expressions into HTML code. If equations do not display properly, it helps to hit F5 to refresh the page. JavaScript must be enabled, of course but then again, it's not like this site would work without it in the first place.

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Kaluza-Klein theory 01 December 2004
The action and the wave function 26 September 2004
About the action integral 19 September 2004
The numerology of physical constants 28 August 2004
Einstein's equation is not E = mc² 12 August 2004
The families of elementary particles 31 July 2004
The principle of least action 21 July 2004
The electromagnetic field tensor 09 March 2004
About the de Rham complex 08 March 2004
Curved Spacetime 06 March 2004
On the interpretations of quantum mechanics 05 February 2004
Clifford Algebras 09 December 2003
Spinors in three dimensions 07 December 2003
The principle of gauge invariance 19 November 2003
Why is the speed of light constant? 06 June 2003
Quaternions and the Dirac equation 12 March 2003
Principles of elementary quantum mechanics 14 January 2003
Cardano's problem 31 December 2002
Bell's theorem rehashed 27 May 2001