Site news

Now that I not only have a much improved Hawking radiation calculator (which now correctly calculates black hole lifetimes) but also a simple cosmology calculator, I decided to make these calculators available directly from the site's top-level menu. Enjoy!

I prepared a revised translation of Kaluza's 1921 paper on 5-dimensional spacetime used to unify gravity and electromagnetism. My version is based on a 1984 translation provided by T. Muta, but revised and formatted using LaTeX to closely match the original paper in appearance and pagination. I also restored Kaluza's original notation.

I use a third party Joomla extension library, BK-Thumb, to manage pictures on some of my pages. A recent Joomla update caused a spurious Multithumb error to show up on several of my pages that do not even use Multithumb features. This has now been corrected.

Reorganized the Miscellaneous writings section, created a new subcategory for my ramblings from the pre-blog era.

Tonight, I updated this site so that all pages that contain mathematical equations now use MathJax instead of the older jsMath. MathJax works much better, it seems, than jsMath, especially in Internet Explorer. Hopefully, the equations are still correct after all this formatting and reformatting. Hopefully, they were correct in the first place.

Imported the NASDAQ Settlement Date Calendar, a Web application I developed years ago, into the CMS site.

A new layout and a new engine: Moving my site to the Joomla! content management system is nearly complete. It was about time; my old site was soooo 1990s!

The start page is reorganized; I removed some obsolete content.

My Day Book is now a blog (dang, I still hate this word): I purchased the domain and set up a WordPress site there.

A new look: The Web site now has a nice menu, and it is better organized.

Organized my physics notes; added another, on the principle of gauge invariance.

Added a link to my Day Book.

And yet another physics note: this one to explain why it isn't as easy as some would-be Einsteins think to disprove that the speed of light is constant.

Added another note on quantum physics: specifically, on Quaternions and the Dirac Equation.

Added some notes on Quantum Mechanics and on Bell's Theorem.

Added a page explaining how to use Rogers' wireless Internet service from a Linux computer.

Updated the page containing my ActiveX controls that are available for sale.

Added a page on Product Activation.

Yet another one-of-a-kind addition to my "calculator museum": the HP Xpander, another unreleased model.

Once again, reorganized the main page.

Finished Pocket TELNET, a TELNET application for Windows CE.

New additions: a list of "live" deep space probes, and an interactive altitude map of the "seas" of Mars.

Completed the documentation on the W Programming Language

Marzipan the cat died.

Reorganized the main page.

Link added to, home of the original Multi-User Dungeon, still one of the best online games after more than 20 years in existence

I added some notes on mixing digital audio - a problem I encountered recently while working on a project.

You can now search my Web site.

An amazing new addition to my calculator collection: a prototype of the never released TI-88.

An interesting IP tunnelling problem and its solution.