• Software architect
  • Professional software developer specializing in scientific/engineering applications
  • Author of Visual C++ Unleashed and other computer books
  • Senior Research Fellow, Department of Systems and Computer Engineering, Carleton University
  • Part-time theoretical physicist, with  notable research on the Pioneer Anomaly,
    the Solar Gravitational Lens, modified gravity theories and computer algebra applications

Who I am

I am a software developer and author of computer books. I also work on some problems in theoretical physics. This is my personal Web site where I publish information about myself:

My professional experience

I received my first software development contract in 1979: My task was to simulate the take-off distance of TU-154 aircraft with engine failure at Budapest airport under various weather conditions, to compute tables of maximum take-off weight. Since then, I worked on many software projects and I am thoroughly familiar with the entire software development life cycle. I authored or co-authored studies for large software projects: For instance, I was one of the authors of the $65M Automation Master Plan of the Canadian Patent Office in 1988. I designed and developed the Windows version of Industry Canada's Integrated Spectrum Observation Centre, with over 120,000 lines of C++ code. I created NORTEC's HELP (Humidification, Engineering and Loadsizing Program), an application for professional engineers and salespersons dealing with large-scale building humidification systems. I also wrote several books on the C++ programming language and the Linux operating system. As part of my scientific research, I independently developed a precision orbit determination program used to analyze the anomalous trajectory of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft. More recently, I worked under contract with NASA JPL on the Solar Gravitational Lens, investigating the possibility of using gravitational lensing by the Sun to image distant targets, including possible life-bearing exoplanets. I am also one of the maintainers of Maxima, the preeminent open source computer algebra system.

I am just as competent with modern software development technologies as with ancient systems. I routinely switch between developing an interactive app for my Android smartphone and maintaining 50-year old legacy LISP code for Maxima. I am familiar with formal software project management and development methodologies. Last but not least, I also have experience designing and debugging hardware.

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